Warren William radio drama

During Warren William’s 17 years in Hollywood he spent a lot of time on the infant medium of broadcast radio. Besides his 1940’s series Strange Wills, Warren appeared on the Fleishman’s Yeast Hour, the Kraft Music Hall, the Shell Chateau Program and many others. The Gulf Screen Guild Theater was among his favorites, appearing there three times (1940, 1942 and 1947). The program often featured the top film stars of the day recreating their screen successes for radio audiences. Most stars (Warren included) donated their appearance fees to the Motion Picture Relief Fund, which operated the Motion Picture Home for retired actors and actresses. Through the magic of the internet, you can hear at least two of Warren’s classic Gulf programs for free, with just the click of a button. Today’s long unheard Warren William performance is from Winter in Paris, also featuring two of Warren’s movie co-stars, Don Ameche and Maureen O’Sullivan. The original broadcast is from March 3rd, 1940.  GULF’S “WINTER IN PARIS” 

And check back for a link to Warren’s appearance with Bette Davis in A Woman’s Face later this week!

About magnificentscoundrel
John Stangeland is the biographer of 1930's film icon Warren William, a lazy business owner and a washed-up comic book artist. He's not bitter, though.

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