The Wolf Man on AMC, October 24th

The Wolf Man is almost certainly the Warren William film most frequently seen by modern audiences,  but sadly very few remember him in it. Whenever I’m wrangled into a conversation about Warren William, people invariably get a blank look on their face and ask “what was he in?” My first choice (depending on the age of the person) is usually to mention The Wolf Man. It appears on TV every Halloween with metronomic regularity and Warren is billed second, only behind Claude Rains. It’s no wonder people forget him though – he has an utterly thankless role. As Dr. Lloyd he walks on, pontificates about psychiatry or lycanthropy for a few moments, then disappears for long stretches of the narrative. It isn’t until I prompt people – “His throat! RIPPED out by the bite of powerful teeth!” – that they shake their heads in semi-cognizant recognition. If you want to catch a great cast (Warren, Claude Rains, Lon Chaney Jr., Ralph Bellamy and Maria Ouspenskaya) in a horror classic, tune in to AMC this Sunday, October 24th at 6:15 AM (EST), for The Wolf Man!

About magnificentscoundrel
John Stangeland is the biographer of 1930's film icon Warren William, a lazy business owner and a washed-up comic book artist. He's not bitter, though.

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