Magnificent Scoundrel is IN PRINT!

After four years of research, writing and waiting, Warren William: Magnificent Scoundrel of Pre-Code Hollywood is PUBLISHED AND IN PRINT! McFarland Books has listed it as being “available for immediate shipment,” although some other on-line retailers might be lagging behind them a bit. Barnes & Noble has it scheduled for a November 21st release (possibly the lag until they receive books from McFarland), and Amazon has not listed it as “just published” quite yet. To get a copies, go to: McFarland, Amazon or Barnes and Noble (who are now offering a 10% discount). At signings, I’ll be offering the book with an exclusive author plate featuring artwork by yours truly.

At home in a boardroom or a bedroom, a conglomerate or a con game: the late, great Warren William.

About magnificentscoundrel
John Stangeland is the biographer of 1930's film icon Warren William, a lazy business owner and a washed-up comic book artist. He's not bitter, though.

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