New links

A new review from Raquelle’s M’s wonderful Out of the Past blog went up on Monday:

And it was followed by this interview:

Warren William interview

Visit Out of the Past for all kinds of interesting and informative Classic Movie material!


About magnificentscoundrel
John Stangeland is the biographer of 1930's film icon Warren William, a lazy business owner and a washed-up comic book artist. He's not bitter, though.

4 Responses to New links

  1. Raquelle says:

    Thank you so much for posting the links and for your lovely compliment. It’s been a pleasure reading your book and working with you on the interview! This was definitely a highlight for me in the history of blogging career.

    • How rude of me not to have seen and responded to this during the whole of 2011!

      Raquelle, you are too sweet for words. It was sincerely MY pleasure to be interviewed by you. Hopefully we will have more to talk about in 2012. Happy New Year!

  2. Pete says:

    great book on a great actor! I’ve seen many of his films…there’s one that I’d seen a whiel back but can’t place 9or I’m just getting his films mixed up) The scene I recall is in a bedroom with Warren William and an actress – it’s a very funny scene where William is seducing or being seduced (or both , I can’t recall). I know he’s putting on a sort of “cute” voice. Not much to go on – but can anyone recall the film??!! Thanks, Pete

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