William and Davis: Enemies, A Love Story

Here’s another FREE episode of the classic radio series Gulf Screen Guild Theater featuring Warren William. The story is “A Woman’s Face” also with Bette Davis and Conrad Veidt, based on the 1941 movie starring Joan Crawford. Follow the link and click on episode 100: A Woman’s Face

And, to explain the title of this post:

Much has been made of the supposedly stormy relationship between Bette Davis and Warren William, mostly by Miss Davis herself. In various places she and her biographers have characterized him as a wolf, a letch and a ego-maniacal Satyr, something utterly alien to any other observation of the man I have encountered. The real story may never be known, but in Magnificent Scoundrel I do my best to cover the available facts, and there is simply nothing to corroborate Ms. Davis’ story about Warren’s behavior. I can tell you this; her antipathy towards him – dating from 1932 – did not stop her from working with him many more times (inside and outside the industry), including this 1942 production. Check the book (now slated for early November release) for more details.

This publicity shot for "Satan Met a Lady" visualizes Bette Davis' image of her co-star, Warren William.


Can’t get enough Warren William?

While I was assembling my research for the Warren William biography, I ran across the one and only (until now) fan site for our favorite recalcitrant rogue. It’s an outstanding melange of everything Warren William, run by the estimable Cliff Aliperti. Take a look here: WWK

King of the Pre-Code

Welcome to the online home of the meanest man in the history of Hollywood, Warren William. From 1931 to 1935, he bamboozled, scammed, conned and seduced his way across America’s theater screens as no one has before or since. If you’re a fan of classic movies and have been lucky enough to see him in any of his essential performances (Skyscraper Souls, Employees’ Entrance, The Mouthpiece), you know what I’m talking about. If not, you are in for a treat as you discover the man who has been called “the best-kept secret of the 1930’s.” Watch for new blog entries, links and unique items to be posted in upcoming days. And look for the new biography Warren William: Magnificent Scoundrel of Pre-Code Hollywood, coming in late October from McFarland Books!